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বিকাশ নাম্বার :

ঢাকায় ডেলিভারি খরচ ৳70.00
ঢাকার বাইরে ডেলিভারি খরচ অগ্রিম দিতে হবে ৳150.00
  • Easy to use for everybody, with a 2000mAh USB rechargeable battery, perfect for camping and outdoor.
  • 368nm LED-UV light, safe for humans and pets, as it contains no chemicals, emits no radiation, and is entirely non-toxic.
  • This mosquito zapper comes in a practical design, with the small dimensions allowing you to carry it anywhere you need it.

  • Made of high-quality material, easy to clean, with a buckle design which removes easily for regular cleaning and washing.
  • Mute and healthy, don't worry about weird smells or noise, and your kids will have a much healthier environment.